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I became a floral designer in 2012 and my experience, predominantly in the wedding industry, has led me to refine my style, professional ethics, creative processes, and interests. My resulting signature style is somewhat eclectic, although predominantly bohemian. My pre-flower background in interior design has always informed my approach to venue decoration and styling using flowers - it's my USP, if you like!

For me, it began many years ago with a Pampas Grass love affair, but it's grown into a bit of an obsession. Most of what I use is grown, dried and sourced in the UK (for some extra eco-friendly Brownie Points), and Europe is generally as far-afield as the rest have travelled. I love the subtleties of textures that you have to play with in order to create interesting arrangements that don't photograph as beige blobs - it's not rocket science, but there is an art to it!


Whilst the majority of dried floral design centres around a neutral colour palette, I'm not averse to getting some colour in the mix, too - this could be warmer tones for Autumn, richer tones for Winter, pastel tones for Spring, or bright pops of colour of Summer!


I can also integrate preserved and carefully selected faux flowers and foliage, too. The latter has come a long way in recent years, so much so that well-chosen ones are virtually indistinguishable from fresh ones. ​Yes, there's the plastics involved, but at least they are not single-use, bringing joy and holding memories for all the years to come in their existing form, or reused almost endlessly. Used by themselves (keep scrolling to view the dedicate FAUX FLOWER PORTFOLIO), they are ideal for allergy sufferers and destination weddings (you'll know what you're getting, without having to negotiate the language barrier!). They also blend beautifully with dried and/or preserved elements for enhanced naturalism.


Wanting to add a long-lasting, natural flourish to a mantelpiece or dining table? Dried flowers could be just what you've been looking for! 



Looking for a dramatic statement piece, or table decor? Dried flowers will demonstrate your company's commitment to sustainability, and as many designs can be hired, they'll help to make the most of your budget (excluding installation in stores and offices).


Would it actually be a modern boho wedding without pampas grass?! Blend with dried, preserved, or artificial blooms to enhance your colour scheme and you've got the style nailed!

Please do get in touch to discuss the possibilities!



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