dried flowers

Dried flowers and grasses make fantastic, long-lasting wedding flowers, for any season of the year. For me, it began many years ago with a Pampas Grass love affair, but it's grown into a bit of an obsession. Most of what I use is grown, dried and sourced in the UK (for some extra eco-friendly Brownie Points), and Europe is generally as far-afield as the remainder have travelled. I love the subtleties of textures that you have to play with in order to create interesting arrangements that don't photograph as beige blobs - it's not rocket science, but there is an art to it!

Whilst the majority of dried flower design centres around a neutral colour palette, I'm not averse to getting some colour in the mix too - this could be warmer tones for Autumn, richer tones for Winter, pastel tones for Spring, or bright pops of colour of Summer!

Below is a gallery of some of my bespoke dried flower creations - please do get in touch to discuss the possibilities!


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