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faux flowers

Faux, silk, fake, or artificial - whatever you wish to call them, they have come a long way in recent years, so much so that well-chosen ones are virtually indistinguishable from fresh ones. 

There are many advantages to using faux florals. They are ideal for allergy sufferers and destination weddings (you'll know what you're getting, without having to negotiate the language barrier!). Faux flowers can be sent or taken anywhere in the world. Maybe you live abroad and want to take your bouquet home with you after your UK wedding, but import restrictions apply - faux is your friend. Ultimately, if you want to keep your bouquet forever, faux is the way to go. And the best bit? In terms of cost, they are not usually significantly more expensive than real ones, with bridal bouquets typically starting from £175 (excluding delivery).

Below is a gallery of some of my bespoke faux floral creations (they mix well with dried flowers, too) - get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

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